Women's Ministry

We at Tongan Evangelical are keen to follow God’s instructions in keeping the distinction between male and female in God’s family – the Church. 

God shows us in the Scriptures that to men and women have very distinct complementarian roles. This means we will train women for leadership that are very different from other churches. This also means that in practice our women do not preach (1 Timothy 2) and that they practice the wearing of head covering (1 Corinthians 11). 

It is difficult to live counter-culturally, particularly in light of the women’s liberation movement. However, we believe that to be true liberation is found when men and women follow the instructions of their creator. Sinfulness can take good things  that God has created (submission and leadership) and misuse it for the purposes of the other person. We are only freed from this when we truly live under God’s order in HIs created world. 

Here is a helpful article on complementarianism or if you have questions about it please contact Rev Dr Ma’afu Palu on maafu.palu@gmail.com.