Getting there

122 Waterloo Road, Greenacre

What Can I expect?

You will see Women wearing a head covering in the form of a veil or a hat. 

People might be wearing Tongan Attire. 

There are always Scripture readings on Sundays. 

We will sing some songs and always have someone preach from the scriptures! 

Stay with us after the service so for morning tea! 


Frequently Asked Questions

When you visit our church, you’ll notice that many of our women wear a head veil during times of prayer. You will be able to fully participate in our service whether you are wearing a head veil or not. Read more about our practise.

Children are more than welcome. We offer our children and youth groups right after the sermons on Sundays. Currently we do not have specific programs for small children but this is in the pipelines and will be updated once we have got a children’s program running.

Still got questions?

Get in touch. We’d love to help you in any way we can.